Survivor: The Interactive Game

Adventure 2001 Windows Infogrames Action based Role playing Strategic scope

Based on the TV series of the same name

Not sure if the fact that the 32 Pulau Tiga and the Australian Outback cast members making a digital appearance will have the power to entice you to play, but, I guess, for what the game tries to do, replicate the TV series in digital, it sure is the right move. However, in my opinion this is not the adventure game to be looking forward excitedly to play. It has got the same survival type deal of the show and it is roughly based on making the most of the gear you find and taking advantage of the local resources, but most of the time the game is too prone on simulating conflict inside your tribe, which is just enough to take you out of the survival game to be a drag. But then again, I guess that is the nice thing about this game, the fact that it goes at great lengths to insure its simulacra of the not so real. Maybe a bit too much TV drama for no reason, deal of the TV original. Whatever, I guess I'm just not in the target of the show, but then again, I think survival games in adventure form could do better. Stranded was much more of a survival experience I could get behind, one which I do recommend in full to you as well.

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