3D Construction Kit

Puzzle 1991 Dos Domark Design Tool 3D

Get creating!

As you might guess from the title, this isn't a standard game as such but is instead a set which allows you to create your own 3D games and while it might be a little dated, it remains a fascinating excursion into games design. It's based on the same technology which resulted in Castle Master and Oblivion, so if you have played either of these games, you should have some idea of what to expect here. Diving into the package, you'll find that it's all driven by easy to use pulldown menus which allow you to create and place objects with simplicity and speed, so before you know it you'll have the basic building blocks of a game. You can then start working on building up a series of rooms using the same intuitive approach, while putting animation on your creations is also a relative breeze. The title also makes use of a simple BASIC-style programming language which allows you to set up puzzles and conditions, such as requiring a key to open a door, while enemies can also be added to add some further spice to your game. For something a little unusual and for when you're feeling creative, this is a real treat. You do need to have at least some kind of plan before you start using the system, but once you do, you should find it relatively easy to put it all together. The visuals remain quite impressive, considering their age, and the 3D work is pretty decent, but it's the game's easy to use nature and surprising amount of depth that are its real selling points. The only real problem with it is that is has been superseded by its own sequel, 3D Construction Kit 2, which offers even more in the way of options, but for starting out, this is a good bet.

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