Designasaurus II

Puzzle 1990 Dos Dosbox Britannica Design Tool

The theme and the gameplay is very orignal

This game has surely one of the most unique and original edutainment themes and is a sequel to the original version which made a very good fan base with children. It is basically a dinosaur simulation and involves variety of different scenarios and puzzles. Unlike the first part you will not only learn about these extinct animals but will play as one of them. You will first have to design the dinosaur that you will be playing in this game and will then make this dinosaur move about 5 Eco zones so that you can protect it from extinction. The plot in the game is that a foundation which is building Jurassic park in the real world wants you to take the dinosaur which you have designed to the older time so that you can find the gene prints that will be needed for the purpose. The controls in the game are very intuitive and the unique variety of designing different dinosaur and controlling them will really fantasize children and youngsters of all ages and will provide them fun for many hours. Apart from learning various facts and figures about dinosaurs, you will enjoy the colorful and natural graphics which will take you back into the older days and into the world of dinosaurs. So just go for this one and after you are done with it, try Kye which is a good edutainment game for all.

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