Boulder Dash Construction Kit

Puzzle 1986 Dos Dosbox First Star Software Design Tool

Creativity and fun combined in this arcade classic

The hero of Boulder Dash, Rockford the ant, returns in this fourth instalment of the classic series of arcade fun and puzzle action. Anyone who has enjoyed his previous adventures or likes games such as Bubble Bobble and Bomberman should check this out as it offers more of the same fast-paced antics but with one major added bonus. The main part of the game is a set of 15 all-new levels which once again challenge players (and Rockford) to explore a series of single-screen maze-like levels that are packed with rocks, enemies, gems and hazards. Your task, as ever, is to negotiate these levels by avoiding the bad guys, collecting the gems and making your way to the exit in order to proceed to the next level. Fortunately, you are able to use your immense digging skills to help you out and which can be used to set rocks to trap the enemies or open up access to those tricky and elusive diamonds. The levels available here are even more enjoyable and challenging than previously and by themselves provide a great deal of simple old-school puzzling thrills, with several new features alongside familiar ones from previous games. However, the added draw here is the ability to design your own levels using the intuitive and accessible editing system. It really is highly straightforward to pick up and before you know it you'll be cranking out devilishly difficult levels to challenge your friends with. All it takes is a little creativity and planning but it really is immensely satisfying when you come up with a winner that bests everyone who tries it. Boulder Dash Construction Kit is a truly neat slice of retro entertainment that combines a classic game with the ability to design your own adventures as is recommended for budding designers and arcade fans alike.

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