ABM Command

Arcade 1998 Windows Shooter Strategic scope

Missile Command remake; well produced

If you've never played Missile Command you definitely should. It is a pureblood arcader, the kind that were very popular in the 80s, and, in it you had to stop these missiles from hitting your Shield Generators.It's a twist on Invaders and other such games, but it worked great. What ABM Command does, is take that game and up it a great notch graphically, while also twisting a bit the knobs and the levers of the gameplay, and by doing that, ABM Command really manages to create a very enticing, a very well produced game. At any rate, ABM Command works great, it offers you all that you wanted and more, and it is as fun as the pure arcader was, which is just great. Plus, the colors and the resolution boost are great, especially if you love a bit of an EGA graphical update. Granted it's not HD type quality but it sure works well enough, it creates a very compelling atmosphere and a great overall game. Also, it adds a statistics tab, so you can see how many enemies you've destroyed and save your high scores. Simple, playable, lots of fun. Give it a go.

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