Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox Opera Soft Shooter Strategic scope

Control a soviet tank during the collapse of the Union

Soviet is a top down tank action game, retro arcade in style, but with a historical background; you are a tank pilot during the fall of the Soviet Union, and thus, you will spend most of the missions inside town areas, maneuvering the tank with care so as to not get yourself in hot water, since each block of flats can hide an group of soldiers or some other peril. It's a forward scrolling game Soviet, and it also has another staple of this style included; you'll get occasional bosses, which are generally mechanoid; tanks, moving constructions, etc. However, if you play with care and don't get yourself destroyed, you can amass the fire power that you string together from mission to mission and towards the end you'll find yourself to be a real fortress of a tank, ready to take over any kind of wave of enemies or any other kind of challenging enemy, singular or group. Yes, graphically, Soviet is rather unimpressive, dull if you will, with little variation between the levels, but it works well enough, and, for a budget game it's more than alright. A good alternative is also Driller Tanks, a single screen sidescroller game, where tanks roam the underbellies of towns and chase baddies and one another.

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