Missile Command

Arcade 1999 Windows Peter Siamidis Vertical shooter Space combat Futuristic

It is an arcade vertical shooter

It is a classic arcade style vertical shooter game which is considered as a remake of an old arcade style game with many new tweaks and features that have made it far superior. The plot here is that you will be playing the role of a savior whose mission is to protect different cities which are under alien attack. It is an air borne alien attach which is creating havoc and destruction in the cities and you need to counter them through vertical shooting for which you have a wide variety of weapons and ammo. The game in the start is quite simple abut really gets thrilling and challenging as you progress and the enemies or the aliens become more and more lethal and destructive. The level designs here have been based on a war theme where you will find that every level has some distinct variety of enemies and power ups which support the gameplay. The weapons and the power ups in the game are truly suited for an action thriller and the 3D graphics makes all of this even more fun and exciting. It has a classic and an ultimate mode and both the modes are based on a very good A1. GUB is another game which can serve as a good alternate to this thrilling action.

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