Adventure 1977 Dos Mr Creosote Text based

A text based adventure game called adventure!

The year is 1977 and the name of the game is ADVENTURE! I guess, because there wasn't as much competition, people weren't in the business of coming up with highly intricate names for their games. If the game was a simulation of Basket, the game was called basket, if the game was a simulation of field tennis, the game was called Tennis. But, you might jump to the wrong conclusion and think that this game is a remake or a translation of the Atari 2600 game of the same name. Nope, that one was actually a graphical adventure, even if it was called adventure as well! Hehe, I guess it pays to actually try to think up something a bit more original for your game, so you don't confuse it with the genre or with another game in a different genre on a console and well, I think I'm begging to fall into confusion myself! Well, back to our text adventure, it's all about having an adventure in a land of yore, in the game I mean, not that 1977 is not a time of yore, because it is. Anyway, DOS was so fresh back then and even this puny game was enough to incite interest from the people for whom the computer was this alien thingy in the corner of their home that they had bought thinking there would be something more to it! Play it to see how cool a game from 77 can be, because it can be quite cool Oh, and read the very detailed instructions; they are worth their weight in gold, just because they're so untrusting of you, the player. But in 77 the IBM compatible was really something from the future, and people needed lots more guidance than you'd think! Also, see African Adventure for a text based adventure that put an adjective in front of the adventure!

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