African Adventure

Adventure 1997 Windows Dosbox Softside Text based

The power of imagination

African Adventure is a very old text based adventure game. That's right. No pictures, no pretty videos, no graphics whatsoever. The whole game is played just in your head. It's like reading a book. You see the beauties in the head when the story is written well enough. In this game, through reading a book, you find your self in the middle of Africa and are on a quest of finding the treasure of King Solomon. What do you do? The game is consisted of questions and answers - you read the text, asked what to do, and you type in the answers. Be warned, though, the orders have to be short and simple, the game is not programmed sufficiently to handle with whole sentences. Well, that's pretty much it. The whole lesson of this game is to learn about the beauties of reading and the power of imagination. If we use that, simple letters and words can create art more beautiful that we have ever seen, we can be at a hundred places at the same time, and take whatever guise we see fit. The game is only for the imaginitive, other players might find the game boring and stupid.

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