Deadline: An INTERLOGIC Mystery

Adventure 1982 Dos Dosbox Infocom Text based Puzzle based

An enticing murder mystery text based adventure

If you really want to experience Deadline: An INTERLOGIC Mystery at its fullest make sure you find a version of the original with all the original materials still included, and if that is not possible, try at least and find digitized copies of these extras. The game was shipped with a police folio that contained evidence and materials tying to the game's plot: transcripts of the interviews in game, pills (plastic, of course!) that were found at the scene of the crime and other trinkets. All in all, it made for a great package, and a great way to pre immerse you in the game itself. The game is pretty great, a murder mystery that is never going off the rails, so you can actually do some real world inferences and allow yourself to use classic logic (compared to the often lacking ... adventure game logic) to make sense of some of your leads. So, nonetheless, Deadline works technically as well. The parser is well produced, allowing you more than just one scripted manner of phasing your commands. So, if you love text based adventures and want to play an industrious detective, Deadline will offer you that in a very grand presentation. Also, play other Infocom adventures, or the Psygnosis version of 96 of this very same game, which adds a top down graphics layout to the recipe.

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