Adventure 1994 Dos Thomas Biskup Text based Role playing

Ancardia, the top down, ASCII land needs a hero!

ADOM is a cool top down action/ hack and slash game, in which you play a hero that comes to save the land of Ancardia from total destruction. The forces of chaos are at work in the game, but once the game starts, there isn't much in the realm of storytelling, instead action takes center stage with this one. So, overall, ADOM is a simple top down ASCII game, with lots of random encounters and lots of loot and baddies to take on. While graphically and story wise there aren't too many different things in the game to keep you playing, there are definitely quite a few cool additions; your hero, for instance, has a birthday in game, and if that offers him some extra perks; it's got all these little details that really add up to the immersion and make it more than just a budget game. But, you'll have to get over the graphical Rogue like build, and if you can look past that, you'll find that ADOM is really fun and involving. So have it in your Roguelike collection. It's fun and satisfying, in spite of the simplicity of the graphics.

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