Adventure 1995 Windows Text based

Old-school adventuring

Anyone in the mood for a bit of challenging but supremely entertaining interactive fiction, like the Zork series or The Mist, should seriously consider checking out this bit of homebrew fun. The game starts out pretty simply, setting the player on an apparently banal quest through the streets of Paris but it quickly turns into something a whole lot more engaging and intriguing. To discuss too much of the plot here would be to spoil the game's appeal but suffice it to say that it's extremely well written, with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end and is laced with a healthy does of imagination and originality. The descriptions and characters are similarly impressive, with evocative imagery that really brings this bizarre world to life and people that will linger in your mind for some time after you've finished the game, making this easily on a par with the best in the genre. The other main aspect of text adventures is their puzzles and in this respect too, Curses doesn't disappoint. There are plenty of them and they are all generally extremely satisfying to solve, providing a genuine sense of achievement when completed. They are however highly challenging, and may even put off newcomers to this sort of thing but if you are an old-hand, you shouldn't find this off-putting. The parser system too is easy to use but intelligent so if you are used to the best of the Infocom games, then you should be right at home here and all in all, this makes for top notch interactive fiction.

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