Adventure 2004 Windows Game Factory Interactive Mystery 3D action adventure

Myst wanabe that doesn't quite cut it

Alida is a Myst-like first person point and click adventure game that, unfortunately, is not the least good as the former mentioned game. While the game looks pretty amazing, it fails when it comes to gameplay. The first look truly is impressive. You find yourself in a beautiful environment that is so reminiscent of those old school point 'n click adventures it almost makes you weep. You have to click your way around the place, finding puzzles and clues to those puzzles wherever you go. That's where the first problem arises - you don't have the slightest idea what do do and where to go and no matter how hard you think, you just can't think of any logical solution. When you find the solution online, you find out how bizarre and totally illogical it is. And this continues for the entirety of the game. Aside from this, the story lines which is crucial to the clues if full of holes and inconsistencies that only puzzle you even further. After and hour or two, i turned the game off without a second glance. The whole thing was just frustrating and infuriating. Too bad, because this could've been a lot better game, if only they spent a bit more time in polishing the story line and puzzles. Well, the final ruling is - avoid it if you can, unless you have a real masochistic nature.

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