Journey to the Center of the Earth

Adventure 2003 Windows Frogwares Multimedia novel Tales and legends 3D action adventure Puzzle Tpp Casual

Point and click has seen better days

Point and click adventures had their share of fame, with titles such as Syberia 2, Broken Sword etc. This set high standards for any newcomer in the genre, and gamers are no less expectant of a great game. But, Journey to the center of the Earth does not deliver. Thin story, lacklustre characters, weak main protagonist, and all together glitchy experience are not really a good incentive to play this game. If you had the intelligence of a moth wielding the power to play games then maybe you could be satisfied, but any higher degree of intellect will shun at this game. Story revolves around young female journalist Ariane that is, purely by chance, plunged into mythical world of Jules Verne. If good ol' Jules ever lived to see this he would kill himself i'm sure. As i was saying, our heroine is plunged into the depths of our beloved Earth only to find a new and marvelous world down there. She comes in contact with various characters who need her help, finds strange artifacts and underground city. All the while she tries to return to the surface, and helping her in that is her laptop with, how convenient, wireless access. If you want to play a good p'n'c adventure refer to some other title, and leave this one alone. Not worth the space on your hard drive.

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