Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Humorous Mystery 3D action adventure

Delightfully clumsy but satisfying action adventure!

Ecstatica's player character is made of bits and pieces that will remind you of the clumsiness of Virtua Fighter but here the clumsiness is taken a step forward, big time! This is an adventure in a blocky 3D world, with fixed camera angles and with a nice, setting, at first. Later on, when you go deeper into exploring the world the game puts at your disposal, the scenery morphs following the darker theme of the story, but at any rate, as I said, there is something weirdly cartoonish about this game, something that, at least for me, worked as a propellant to see what was next, what the developers have come up with! Do you remember that old joke that games didn't need horses? Give them double speed boots, but keep horse riding out?! Well, this game made use of 3D horses and riding in 94, so that's a feat in itself. Other than that, well, the game will have to work on your sense of child like wonder, otherwise it's not much of an experience, if you're just looking at it dispassionately, coldly! Well, for a similar type of deal, graphically, but a more mature story see any of the Alone in the Dark titles, as these use the same fixed camera 3D perspective. Or go for Silent Hill 4: The Room, a dark, twisted survival adventure with horror elements to remember, which will please a more seasoned gamer who can't really sink into a childlike story.

Great use of 3D graphics

Ecstatica is another classic game with a great 3D graphics. Play this game to experience simple 3D graphics and superb gaming experience. This simple but excellent game is one of the greatest classic adventures games. Although there are some argue about this game for the violence and nudity, still this is a great game. The story line of this game is very good. It starts with the unleashed demon that is killing the villagers. Your task is to rescue Ecstatica, the maid. The demon captured the maid and with some given clues you have to find and kill the demon and make her free. There are a lot of characters in this game. This classic game has very effectively demonstrated the characters in this game. If you love action type games then this game is a very good starter for you. Ellipsoid technology created a cool game where you will enkjoy the quest to save Ecstatic. A similar game like Eve Burst Error will also entertain you. With the use of the armor and intelligence you can defeat the demon. This is an excellent game for you if you love low violence and actions.

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