Astro Dodge

Action 1982 Dos Dosbox Dave Gangola Shooter Science Fiction

Asteroids remix for 1 to 3 players

Astro Dodge is a cool, relatively classic remix of Asteroids; what it brings to the recipe is better graphics, and, overall, a larger selection of tweaks and additional elements that can alter the game, in many of its different layers. So, overall, if you feel like playing a game where controlled drifting into space, coupled with just as sweet a mix of shooting, then with Astro Dodge you get all of that, plus some additional ideas. So, overall, Astro Dodge plays nicely, controls wise it's almost impeccable and furthermore, it is the kind of game that is definitely going to help you relax, as it surely takes your entire attention span to sink into. Overall, Astro Dodge is also great because it can be played in multiplayer, locally. Yep, even games released in 82 had a multiplayer portion, and this one's multiplayer mode is pretty decent, to be sure! So, have it in your collection, along with Space War if you feel like trying a few more classic oldie shooters! They're all pretty decent and well crafted!

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