XWing Fighter

Action 1982 Dos International PC Owners Science Fiction Arcade style

Shooter coded in BASIC with Star Wars X Wings

I always love to tinker with pure BASIC written programs, and, at times, even if the4 results are not that exciting or playable, fussing about with the actual code and trying to understand it is pretty cool. But, sometimes, even small games, as many of the ZX Spectrum ones were, could be very well produced and very engaging. And this can be the case with this vertical shooter, which does little to answer to the title promise, that it will be some strong tinged Star Wars game. Nope, except for the model of some of the ships, this is as divorced from Star Wars as it could be, but, nevertheless, it's a fun and most importantly, highly playable vertical shooter. Now, if you want absolute quality, download R Type, if you are willing to tone down your graphical requirements or the amount of brushing and dusting, XWing Fighter can be a good game. But, if you're like me, you'll mostly appreciate the way the game was written, the way it came to be produced. That's the best part about it, if anything.

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