Barbie Beach Vacation

Adventure 2001 Windows Mattel Puzzle based Girls

Barbie and Ken/ Need not take the tram!

If you were looking for that game to teach your young girls that people can afford a beach house apparently just by being fabulous, I guess, rather than allowing them to watch celebrity reality shows , you might as well allow them to play this game. Which, were it not for the socio cultural problems and false premises that it creates/promotes, is an overall nice, activity based game. It has boat riding stages, house modeling stages, and a few other activities that suit the perfect life of a white, golden haired Barbie doll. The games looks alright, it's a 2D thing that is clean and a bit too antiseptic, but then again, that's a Barbie feature rather than an issue. I don't know, maybe your young ones will judge the game harsher than I do, but well, as a piece of Barbie history I guess it's well worth looking into. However, when I need a collection of puzzles, the oldie Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego is the game I'd play or allow kids to play. They'd probably get more out of it than from this Barbie story.

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