Schizm: Mysterious Journey

Adventure 2001 Windows Brightstar Entertainment Puzzle based Thriller Puzzle Fpp

Attractive in all ways

Schizm: Mysterious Journey is an attractive game by its own title, opening the appetite of all adventure lovers! The many challenging quests will guide you through lost and discovered civilizations. Schizm is a remarkable game due to its story, which was made with high dedication and attention to every element that compose it. After the story, the other important aspects define the excellence of this genre: the graphics, music, gameplay. These things are mandatory to create an absorbing atmosphere and environment in an adventure. You will control separately the two members that landed on different locations of the planet (full of various mechanisms), due to some problems that damaged their spaceship. You will make zone investigations, trying to find some means of transport to meet the other partner. During your quests, there will appear from time to time some holographic projections guiding you or offering clues. Note: your characters won't hear each other or communicate by any means, since they will be present in different dimensions and locations. Your work will be a bit hard, so that is why I will say "good luck" to you my fellow adventure quest enthusiasts! Play this successful game, to have an unforgettable experience!

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