Dark Woods 2

Adventure 2002 Windows Jocke The Beast Puzzle based

Basic fantasy dungeon crawler

The original Dark Woods is a homemade adventure game that features deliberately basic graphics and a familiar fantasy tale and which provides some low-key action for fans of Rogue and the like. This follow-up continues where the previous game left off and finds the hero, Eduin, alone in a ruined castle and who must now make his way through the Dark Woods in order to return to his village. Of course, there are plenty of evil creatures to be battled on the journey but violence isn't always the key and clever players will use their wits to outsmart the beasts rather than taking them head-on. Dark Woods 2 is an old-fashioned adventure game that is played out via a top-down perspective in a similar fashion to RPGs like Zelda, but which features visuals made entirely out of ASCII characters so if you are looking for something with a lot of visual flash, then this is definitely not the game for you. Unfortunately, it's not really much of a game for anyone to be honest, offering as it does only very basic thrills. The game world isn't exactly overly large so it's not something which will take you long to complete and since the objective is only ever to kill all the enemies on the screen or to escape to the exit, there isn't a lot of depth or variety on display here. The enemies make use of either very predictable or completely random patterns so there is a bit of amusement to had in coming up with a strategy to defeat them, which either revolves around avoiding them in cunning fashion or taking a more action-oriented approach and bashing them with your sword but this gets pretty old quickly so unless you really do like your games with an absolute minimum of depth, you probably want to steer clear of this.

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