Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Hi-Tech Expressions Girls

For Barbie fans

Barbie - A Fun-filled Adventure is a 1991 side-scrolling jump'n'run arcade game for all the girls that have grown with their favourite doll and fashion icon, Barbie! This beauty goddess will take you to a world full of magic! Barbie needs to sleep because tomorrow she will have a long and exciting day: she will go shopping at the mall to change her style and buy a new fabulous outfit, have lunch, go swimming at the beach, and attend a big party where she will meet her lover, Ken. Her excitement makes her have weird dreams, and her dreams are the main place where the game's action takes place. You will explore three different worlds (Mall, Underwater and Soda Shop) to collect accessories before meeting Ken at the ball. In Mall World, Barbie will collect coins used at the wishing fountain to get a marvelous pink ball gown. In Underwater World, she plays a mermaid and with the help of some friendly dolphins she will search for pearls that will help her get an elegant pearl ring. Finally, the Soda Shop challenges you to collect gold records that will help her achieve the last accessory, a pair of glamorous high heels. Barbie will walk left or right while trying to avoid dangers (enemies are objects like tennis rackets, kites, shoes, pizza, water, popcorn, and more). Your energy/life is represented by some "Zs". When you get hit by an enemy, they will drop. To get more "Zs", you have to collect tokens that have the letter "B" on them. I highly recommend this game for Barbie fans, they will enjoy it.

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