Space Quest 4 - Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Sierra Futuristic Point and click

Wilco in the future, against Sludge Vohaul; again!

Space Quest 4, as the older siblings in the series, is the same funny, tongue in cheek, space marauder in space type of game, and within that series and that kind of production, it is a pretty cool and pretty well delivered game. Space Quest 4 is also a good looking game, with great hand-made animations and backgrounds, and, for all intents and purposes, the entire game looks amazing, especially if you love a game that is not too realistic, yet has a cool style. The story is as weird and convoluted as the stories in older games in the series; Roger, the protagonist is taken in time, as his nemesis, Sludge has once again been on his tail. But, if you are a good puzzle solver (lots of puzzles in this game) you will see him securely escape again. All in all, for those that loved this series, download Space Quest 3 and then play this 4th title, for a complete story arc. It's really a cool adventure game, as the older title was, and is surely worth its salt, for all intents and purposes, gameplay and visual too.

A good point and click adventure game

The game is an installment of the long space quest series which is though not epic but has been a great one for the fans of Sierra games. Starting with the plot, the game excels on the same theme where your character is on a time travel where he can move both to future time and the past. The futuristic theme is not a simple typical one and has been garnished with a lot of humor that takes place in the form of some very interesting scenarios and narrations which have been written and incorporated very well. The graphics in the game are top notch for its time and the gameplay is very smooth. It's a typical point and click play but the unique elements of the gameplay and the exciting humor makes the game very lovable and adorable. Another very good thing in the game is the voice acting which is normally not seen to be that effective. I must say that they have given a lot of attention to all the features of the game has come up with an overall prolific installment to the series. Explora 3 has the same adventure style futuristic theme which makes it really worth playing.

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