Barbie Beauty Boutique

Simulation 2003 Windows 1C Company Design Tool Girls

Full of charm and glam

Barbie Beauty Boutique is for all the girls out there passionate about fashion and beauty! Of course, the presence of Barbie, the doll we all grew with, will turn their experience into a more enjoyable one! If you wanted to become a personal stylist, this is the chance to test your talent! Can you handle the challenge? Make Barbie and her best friends look like real divas and more beautiful than they already are! The complete makeover involves superb hairstyles, facial and other beauty refreshing and nourishing treatments, makeup styles, nail designing, and choosing a fabulous attire that will distinguish the girls from the crowd. No matter what the occasion (a wedding party, a date or a big event full of glam and eminent guests), you will make sure that you will make the ladies shine! When you are done pampering them, you can choose the event you are going to attend. Play with colors, models, styles, sparkles, clothes, makeup and learn some useful beauty tips you can apply in real life! The game is dedicated for both children and adults, the graphics are realistic, the visual design is radiant, and the music is very nice, making you want to dance. Throughout the makeover process, the Barbie's voice will assist you in presenting the attractive and various options you can use. You will love this game!

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