Baseball Mogul 2008

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Baseball's manager game of 2008

This game, release by Sports Mogul in 2008, is a baseball manager-game type fanatic's paradise. To make a comparison, it is somewhat similar to FIFA Manager, only for baseball. In-game the player has the control, assuming the role of the owner that works with numbers and statistics. The player has the ability to set batting lineups, to make trades and set tickets and concession prices. When starting a new game you can pick between five options: Modern (control over modern teams), Classic (play any year between 1901 and 2008), Fictional (play a league of fictional players/team names), Expansion (play expansion teams developed between 1961 and 1998) and Custom (allows the player to use any saved game as his Universe). There are four levels of difficulty (Fan, Coach, Manager or Mogul), the difficulty variation determining the player's initial operating budget. There are also advanced options to this game: Equalize Cities (generates cities and regions with identical population bases), Shuffle All Teams (every team has a random set of players), Fictional Players (a new set of players with randomly generated statistics), Fictional Teams (teams with completely new nicknames), Fictional Rookies (supplies randomly generated rookies to the Amateur Draft), Historical Rookies (supplies historical players as rookies to the Amateur Draft) and Don't Randomize Players (smooth fluctuations in player performance; also named Simulation Mode).The game's interface is a set of windows that you navigate between to manipulate the statistics. If your into this type of games and want to try something more classic than a newer version of Baseball Mogul, this game suits the needs of a baseball manager-type game player.

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