FIFA Manager 06

Sport 2005 Windows Electronic Arts Soccer Team management

A sturdy, modern soccer manager game

I can't really work myself into thinking that FIFA Manager 06 is a retro game, but nonetheless, having hit the market late in 2005, it's got almost a decade under its belt by now, so, for all intents and purposes it's got that old game allure. Oh, but it sure is a fancy, easy to play one, a great representative of what Electronic Arts was looking to do in terms of playability and immediacy of knowing how the game works, for this series. Thus, you still have the classic arrangement of the controls and menus in their proper baskets, if you will, and for all intents and purposes, a game that can be automated in many ways, without though, taking the controls away from you. Now, graphically the game still uses 2D overlays for some of the game, which sure is for the better, but it's great because its immediately recognizable. Other than that, FIFA Manager 06 offers you all the staples of modern management of soccer, from the buying to the selling of players and so on. So, for those that want to relive the 06 championships of the world, a great option, similar to Championship Manager 2, in some ways, but greatly more developed.

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