Baseball Mogul

Sport 1997 Windows Infinite Monkey Systems Baseball

Intricate and satisfying baseball simulation

The history of baseball digital games has shown that it is not as easy as it might seem to find that sweet spot that makes a game both playable as well as less than just a collection of arcade minigames. In order to achieve this Baseball Mogul had a hard task of including both mathematical simulation options in the game, as if it was a Baseball management game, but also focus on the baseball action elements. I must say that for the later 90s, this is it, the better game to manage to do a proper job. First off, the game has you in the shoes of a general manager, and this is where you'll spend a big portion of your time. It's establishing the trades and the details of the game, and then off to the races, you get in the actual game. Each portion of the game is very interesting to play, very easy to grasp as well as sink into. But the game, in its entirety shines, in a way that makes it stand out without question. You are offered multiple choices in regard to your tactics and the AI will adapt to your type of game played and always pose a consistent threat. So, it is this game that you should play or the much later Baseball Mogul 2008, both a lot of fun and very well produced detail wise.

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