Battles in Time

Strategy 1995 Windows Quantum Quality Productions Alternate History

Very abstracted wargame, easy to learn

This game really was something if not novel, then at least different ten most other classic wargames of its age. It achieved this by doing away with models of gameplay that relied too much on a per reality basis, instead focusing on revealing abstractions, both for units as well as for the playing field. This reduced the unimportant elements, the visual clutter on screen and allowed you to focus on your emergent strategy, which led to very deep, very engaging games. But, as the graphical presentation was so scarce, it stands to reason that many steered away from the game, thinking that it was some sort of hard to grasp puzzler or some innovative but hard to figure out game. In truth, what it is, as I just said is a type of wargame that shares more ideas with chess than with your classic, run of the mill wargame. Quite where you stand on such gameplay elements can be debatable but if you can turn yourself to give this gem a go, it will surely not disappoint. It is deep, meaningful, and just maybe, a little more difficult than your average game to sink into. But for those that have already cut their teeth on regular wargames, this can be a fresh new approach. So, give this a try or try The Pure Wargame, another highly abstracted wargame, with a similar approach to delivering the goods!

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