Pure Wargame, The

Strategy 1995 Dos Quantum Quality Productions Historical Top down

One of the worst wargames ever

I had an inkling on an idea that a game named The Pure Wargame could not really be any revelation. That pure is actually better described in game as clinical, or, even better, as empty. Yes, the shell of a wargame is all there. The hexbased interaction works, barely, the WWII inspired missions are almost bearable, but what you will observe is just the immense lack of any detail. The maps are almost free of any personality, of any bits that your eyes can adhere to. Let alone that, but the game also chose to produce scenarios of the WWII that were not really recreations of at least moderately WWII battles. Nope, these ones were either the most obscure ones, or just WWII like, as a way to not attract the scrutiny of the historically conscious players. But, in the end, no one was attracted to the game, and for a good reason. It was an aborted game, unfinished, unpolished, almost empty and really forgettable. So skip it, forget about it. Clean the shame of this game's existence by playing Panzer General, the 3D version, a superb adaptation of the 2D original.

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