Battles of Destiny

Strategy 1992 Dos Holistic Design Turn based Top down Science Fiction

Great AI post apocalyptic wargame

Battles of Destiny is a game unlike many other wargames out there, as it takes a road less walked before in this particular genre: that of the post apocalyptic scenario. This makes it furthermore interesting to play, as you'd be hard pressed to find another game that is interesting in depicting the same universe after a cataclysmic onset of disasters occurs. At any rate, what the game plays like is what most classic wargames have been offering us for years: you control higher ranking collections of units, which, as you'd expect behave as one single unit. The map is the classic hexagonal one, and the game makes you responsible for the economic choices as well, by dialing in where the scarce resources go. But, these higher hierarchical options are less interesting as they don't make the bulk of the game. Nope, the bulk of the game is the maneuvering of your units, as smartly and as decisively as possible, so that you'll always have more units and the upper hand in certain areas where the conflict is more intense. So, if you love well balanced wargames that really require you to sharpen your tactical thinking, Battles of Destiny will fill that spot really well, as it is well designed, (the game's designer is a company that also worked on Emperor of the Fading Suns) and also, one fo the few games of its kind that take the wasteland as their playground.

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