Beyond Divinity

RPG 2004 Windows Larian Studios Fantasy Real time Role playing Action

Hack and slash where you befriend the devil!

Beyond Divinity is a really well done, playable and thoroughly entertaining oldschool hack and slash. The initial portion is very powerful. You and this devil creature are trapped underground. You don't really know how you got there, but one thing is clear: you have to get out! The game has a very specific feel that stems from the very original way of depicting the world. It's 2D, top down, isometric, but the angle is a slightly elongated 45 degree one, which creates an interesting looking perspective. At any rate, the mechanics awe well done also, and you get a well balanced game. Later on however, the gameplay tension of the game dissipates, as you get to become a bit too overpowered and a bit too strong to be challenged. But, if you play the game on hard, the beginning is going to be really, really hard, so, I guess, you just have to make a choice as to how you want to experience it. So yeah, the game begins great, but, as I said, later on it loses its edge, but it will still keep you playing. At any rate, in the Divinity series it is the best one. Play it exclusively or after you've played the older ones, they aren't tied together story wise.

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