Divine Divinity

RPG 2002 Windows GOG.com Action based Role playing Action Fantasy

In the ancient land...

World of RPG games has changed radically in the last decade. For most part we have titles like Baldur's Gate, Morrowind and similar to thank for that. In the midst of all those awesome titles, there is one that has been shun away for some reason. It could be the name, which is rather clumsy, but it is probably a mixture of good titles with much better marketing coming out in same time frame. Divine Divinity puts you in the realm of Rivellon, where you take up a role of a young hero set out to save the world. The story is plain and simple, nothing special about it. Gameplay is very good, intuitive and entertaining. Lots of quests, equipment and levels to earn is what makes this game worth playing. There is one obstacle though. If you are accustomed to modern day 3d graphics you will find the game's isometric 2d rather amusing, if not unplayable. Those of you who played Diablo and Baldur's Gate will manage to enjoy it like i did. Take a look at this game, it was undervalued, and it shouldn't have been.

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