RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Fantasy Real time Action based

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Collect moonstones to defeat dragon

This little gem is a very neat RPG originally released for the Amiga, but failed to be commercially successful in the PC gaming world. The plotline is mainly typical for a RPG - our hero is a knight and he has to travel the world in the search for the Moonstones which brought together have the power to destroy the dragon that is threatening the people. What might differ from this game from the rest is that is a bit bloodier than most RPGs (but still not bloodier Diablo or Baldur's Gate ), making it more a hack 'n slash game. You can play this game with 1 to 4 players and nothing in the game changes whether you play alone or in a group. The rest of the game is pretty typical for an rpg - you go to towns and other places buying and selling equipment and making smalltalk with the locals. Over the years, this game has accumulated quite a fan society in the world of fantasy lovers, which proves that some games were not for the time they were released. The game has very nice visual appearance, albeit a bit slow in animation. The sound effects are also good, but nothing special or rememberable. I wouldn't go and put this game at the top of the RPG franchise, but it's still very good and a must play for old school game lovers, especially those with the love for a little blood in their game.

A nice little jem

An excellent little adventure game, with lots of monsters to beat up, of varring dificulity, and armor and weapons to save up for, and not a bad ending either. Definetely enjoyed the wide range of fighting moves, and a couple of cool finishing moves when fighting another knight. A nice little jem that many missed out on, good for a laugh, and definatly worth having in your collection of retro games.

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