Adventure 1987 Dos PC-SIG Multimedia novel Role playing

Fantasy with no hamburgers!

If you ever played any of those classic Choose Your Own Adventure or Fighting Fantasy books, then this little classic will be right up your alley. It's a computerised version of these interactive story books that packs a lot of adventure and role-playing fun into a small package. Although it's a largely fantasy style affair, there are moments of surreal humour thrown into the mix and which help to make the game stand out somewhat. Plot-wise, the player takes on the sole adventurer who is bold enough to take on the evil Overlord who, in addition to raising taxes and suchlike also had the temerity to outlaw hamburgers. Yes, that's the first surreal part of the game but it continues. The game takes the player on a bizarre journey through dodgy gambling dens, peaceful forests an even a castle of a Mad King and plays out in text-based fashion. The input is largely limited to responding to Yes/No questions or managing inventory while combat is taken care of by the computer for the most part, which can be a somewhat random affair. Braminar really is a curiosity but which is not suited to everyone. If off-the-wall humour and oddball conversations appeal to you then this should be of interest. The quest itself is fairly engaging and is enlivened by the curious characters you encounter and the unusual environments to explore but the game's sense of its own importance and cleverness can be offputting. Traditionalists might find things a little too random for their tastes but if you are prepared for something unique, then this is worth a look.

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