Jacaranda Jim

Adventure 1987 Dos First person Multimedia novel

Bonkers but enjoyable

Even without its cool and distinctive title, this is an excellent little adventure that makes for a cracking good time for fans of interactive fiction. This one takes a slightly less serious approach to its science fiction setting than something like the Doom series, and is packed with good humor as well as plenty of cunning puzzles and enjoyable opportunities for text-based exploration. This one takes a fairly familiar sci-fi convention (that of a hapless individual crash landing on an alien planet) but then runs with it in such a fashion that most players will be left with a big smile on their face, similar to that when the classic The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is played. After Jim lands on a bizarre alien planet, he finds himself facing all manner of odd troubles, not least of which is the presence of crazed beechwood armchairs who are out to get him. Fortunately though, Jim can count on his chum Alan the Gribbly and Mavis the cow as he explores the planet, trying to track down fabulous riches and ultimately escape from this nightmare. Jacaranda Jim really is quite the unexpected delight and if you like things like Monkey Island or Discworld, in terms of their humor, then there is just as much to enjoy here. The descriptions and dialogue are quite delightful, full of out-there and off-the-wall jokes and references that should keep a smile permanently etched on your face as you play. The puzzles too are just as much fun to complete, being original and challenging in equal measure so overall, this is a text adventure which needs to be played.

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