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Such a weird text adventure, yet incredibly catchy!

Fish! doesn't shy away from being absolutely absurd and weird! IN this game you play an entity that can choose to inhabit any form it desires, but for some reason, one of the forms it prefers is that of a fish! But, wait, there's more! Not only this entity can live in whatever body it desires, it is also interested in the activity of other likeminded creatures, which, unfortunately, don't always share the same world views as you. No matter how strange you are, you are at least fighting for the good side, which is not something that can be said of the other entities! So, yes, an absurd adventure, delivered in text. I found it to have references to the cold war, to the second world war and more, which might not be as apparent to younger audiences. But the tongue in cheek humor and the wackiness of it all I don't think will escape nobody! Because this game really knows a few things about weird, and is not ashamed to explore it! At any rate, there are also puzzles, to keep you busy, so don't worry, this isn't all just crazy writing after crazy writing, there are also... crazy puzzles. So, if you'd like to take a hike in the weird lane, Fish! will be your guide! Alternatively download Another World 20th Anniversary Edition for a walk in the uncanny valley, though nothing as extreme as Fish!

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