Bridge 7.0

Strategy 1992 Dos Artworx Cards

DOS bridge sim, graphically underwhelming, but well playable

Bridge 7.0 is a very well polished game, that contains all the necessary elements to give you the ability to just learn bridge and then go with it. It doesn't have a whole lot of options, and graphically it almost looks like an old DOS application, but the AI knows how to handle a hand of bridge. Now, Bridge 7.0 is not a complete game, in that it only focuses on the bidding part of it; thus, if you will, it's half a Bridge game, but within this portion of the game, the one that most of us are rather not too competent at, it excels, and it can thus be a very good tool to learn it. It's thus, a helping game, a toolset for those that look to improve their bidding in the game. In terms of amenities, I was happy to find that the game can save, can give you hints, explanations and also, that you can peek at your adversaries' hand of cards, just to get an extra of info on why he might behave a certain way, take a certain path or a certain action. So, overall, Bridge 7.0 is a cool companion for any serious player of bridge and so, it works pretty great. Also, Learn to Play Bridge is pretty cool too, if you are looking for a tool to teach you the game but in its entirety. So have them both in your collection.

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