Bridge Master

Puzzle 1992 Dos Greenleaf Cards

A satisfying Bridge simulation

I'd reckon Bridge is a social game of cards above many others, and some might be irked by the fact that the social (teasing!) aspects of it are not included, but then again, simulations can only do so much. On the other hand the AI can really put a mean fight against you, so that too is something that should be appreciated as well. Therefore, Bridge Master is a game that no Bridge players should go without. Surely, some more recent games must have taken the recipe and translated it into more bright and 3D clothes, but I find the early 90s graphical build of this game to be more than satisfying and well fitting for Bridge Master. After all, the cards are readable, the tables onto which the game can be played can be dressed in a few different colors and textures and that's pretty much all you need. Plus, you play with your mouse and can also choose between a few card types, and that's about it, it works and it does the job properly. Another oldie that I also like is Bridge 7.0, less graphically endowed but packed with a few extras to help your game.

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