Catacombs Pack

Action 1991 Dos Flat Rock Software 3D Shooter Fpp Fantasy

Epic value collection

The Catacombs series is a nice bit of old-school first person shooter fun that didn't really vary much across the course of its run but which is worth a look anyway. This pack is the perfect way to experience the games, so if you like retro shooters like Doom and Chex, this is a good value collection to pick up. There are six games included here, from the original Catacombs, to Catacombs 3D, all the way up to the final installment, Terror of the Catacombs. They all follow broadly the same pattern, except for the first couple of games, which are top down maze games, like Gauntlet, while the later entries are 3D, but with the gameplay remaining fairly similar. It's basically a case of wandering around a series of fantasy style levels as a powerful mage, blowing the living daylights out of skeletons, trolls, zombies and other terrifying creatures with a variety of spells. There are the usual keys to find so you can progress, healing potions and so on, but little in the way of puzzling, making the series a pure exercise in blasting. Most of the games on offer here are pretty enjoyable if you're in a undemanding mood. There really is little to any of them other than straightforward shooting action, and there isn't the depth of Hexen or Dark Forces. However, they do what they set out to and if you're not expecting too much you'll have a good time. The fantasy setting makes a pleasant change and the visuals are quite nice in that retro way, and it's only really a shame that the series didn't develop that much. Apart from this though, this collection is a fun trip down memory lane.

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