Wolfenstein 3D: Mortal Kombat edition

Action 1993 Dos Digital Splash Shooter 3D

A decent fan based remake

A classic homebrew mod of the Wolfenstein 3D series. The original Wolfenstein inspired man fan made levels and mods and this one is definately worth checking out. The game was obviously made by a fan of Mortal Kombat, because the entire theme to the game is based around the Mortal Kombat series. The pictures on the walls are all replaced with characters from the Mortal Kombat games rather than the original controversial pictures of Hitler. However there are still references to Hitler and even an appearance in level 9 where you actually get to "finish him", Mortal Kombat style. The weapons are still pretty much the same with graphical mods. Each player has his own special, once again themed around the MK games. Not a bad homebrew fan based rewrite of the game and definitely one of the better ones to check out. The #1993 game by ID Wolfenstein 3D is a decent game and it is a bit of fun being able to play with what people have done with it, like in this unofficial game patch. Bravo, to the programmer! This would have still taken quite a while to make!

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