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Legendary, scary, dynamic

DOOM is a RPG science-fiction action game, with a first-person perspective, being the first of the franchise. It is also a revolutionary game that marked the adolescence of the players and the genre enthusiasts. The storyline has a horror style: experiments with teleportation between the two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, were launched by The Union Aerospace Corporation. This fact led to anomalies, that created a gateway straight to Hell. You play as a marine guy that finds himself on Phobos, where you have to defeat all the demons and other dreadful enemies, to prevent them attacking the Earth. Your health meter will decrease depending on how hard you are shot and especially where you are hit. And now let's talk about weapons. You begin with nothing but a pistol and your bare hands, but as you progress, other weapons will be unlocked. I was surprised when I discovered that the chainsaw was available in the game! I don't remember to see this feature in other games at that time, so this is one of the aspects that makes Doom original. Another convenient option is the saving of your progress at any time you want! Finally! I am going to stop here, because you should see for yourself how incredible this game is. This is one of the most realistic productions at that time, with a scary environment, and dynamic graphics. Don't miss this classic and legendary game, that should definitely be included to your collection!

The very first Doom games of ever

Here it is Doom, the starting episode of this computer games saga. You will reach Phobos, a Mars' moon with a teletransport gate where it is happening a complete hell. As a marine your mission is to kill every daemon that you will encounter on your path. You will collect several weapons along the way and no mercy for anyone, because the destiny of the earth finally is in your hand.

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