Cauldron Remake

Adventure 2007 Windows Graphical IF Medieval

Remake of the legendary platformer

This game is actually a remake (as the title suggests) of a very popular game from the late eighties, named The Black Cauldron, in which you have to help a witch to find ingredients for a special potion which she has to use to destroy the evil wizard that is against her. The whole game is made up as a shoot em up platform game with two modes of playing, one in which you fly on your broomstick and the other where you jump on platforms. While doing so, you get to encounter a lot of Halloween like characters, like pumpkins, ghosts, skulls and much more. They are mostly your enemies, so beware! The game is very fun and the two game modes give the game a sense of variety which is great, but the problem might be that the game is a bit too hard. In any case, this 2007 remake copies the game fantastically, with nothing added. It looks and feels like a true Amiga game, only played on the PC under Windows. Good thing that you won't be having compatibility issues! In any case, this game is a legend that has won the eighties decade and I urge you to relive this timeless classic.

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