Dark Fall: Lights Out

Adventure 2004 Windows Akella Medieval Action based 3D action adventure Action Horror Fpp

A fine first person adventure, exploration rich

In Dark Fall: Lights Out you will get a lot of the good stuff of the old style first person 3D world administered in prerendered chucks. Phew! Well, here's the deal, you need to travel to Trewartahan, a city where some mischievous activities have been reported. The city, a rich and beautiful place is not covered in fog and something's amiss, and you're the one to find out what's up. And it will take a bit of exploration, lots of puzzle solving, and also a lo of attention to detail. It's a bit of a finicky game this one, the kind that can end up aggravating you quite badly. So have a walkthrough around just in case. However, within its genre I found it at least as enjoyable as Primoridia or Syberia, which, is saying a lot, actually. Anyway, graphically it shines, the puzzles are great, and overall, the game creates an unmistakably well rounded experience, one that is sure to offer you a lot of enjoyment. So don't miss it, especially if you love adventures in first person, you know, the classical style they no longer make...

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