The Black Cauldron

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Third Person Cartoon

A wonderful adventure

Brought to you by Disney, The Black Cauldron is a fun adventure game based on a Disney animated movie which was in turn based on a children's book series. This old game is specially suited for children, which you will agree with as soon as you see the colorful graphics, the cartoonish character and the simple, yet heartwarming story. In this story, you are a simple pig herder, but your pig, which you found out has magical powers of some sort, got kidnapped by an evil king and you must get it back and, while you're at it, save the world. All in a work's day! While most games of that era were text adventures, this game has a very simplified control system, where you press buttons that signify an action. That will make your gameplay a lot easier and a lot more relaxed. The graphics are very beautiful and colorful, very detailed even for that age, and reminds me of some LucasArts games, like Monkey Island. The charming story, fun and witty characters, save-the-world plot line and fun gameplay make this game truly a small gem of its own. Have fun!

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