Arcade 1983 Dos Dosbox IBM Space combat Single screen Epic

Kill the centipede before it kills you

This is another example of an amazingly simple and amazingly addictive game which is still strong, 30 years after its release. The game is legendary, and goes hand in hand with games like Pacman, and Galaxian in terms of popularity and awesomeness. This was one of the most popular game of the early eighties and with a great reason. This game has the ability to keep you going and going until you realize it's morning and that you have to go to work. The game's goal is simple - you are a small dot that shoots into the centipede and other enemies before they come and kill you. It's not so simple, you know. If you shoot the centipede, it will divide itself into smaller and smaller parts and it's totally destructible only in its smallest version. There are also a lot of obstacles in the way so you'll have to aim just right. The game literally doesn't stop - the game will get faster and faster until you die. This game is simple in everything, from the graphics and sounds to gameplay, it's fun and addictive and nobody should ever forget an awesome game as this one.

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