Arcade 1983 Dos Dosbox Atari Platformer Single screen Epic

Simple but enjoyable arcade platformer

You must have seen knights on horses having a joust fight. Well if you have then you will really have fun seeing the same type of action while you are riding an ostrich on your screen. Yes you will be doing Joust fight riding an ostrich and your enemies will be riding buzzards. The theme is though quite strange but it is the competitive gameplay which makes it very interesting. Apart from just having Joust-fight like action, you will also be required to the collect the eggs because if they hatch, they will give rise to more and more enemies. The game gets even tougher with some enemies that will appear to cut the ranks or the power of the players. Two player mode has been incorporated in the game which makes it a good treat for buddies. The graphics in the game are in the form of 4 color CGA palette and are very well tuned with the theme of the game. The A1 is tough and this really shows in the gameplay which gets more and more interesting and competitive as you progress. The controls are brilliant and the game has a good replay value. If you need another good recommendation, try Navy Moves.

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