PC Man

Arcade 1982 Dos Dosbox Orion Software Single screen Epic Item collection

Accurate but pointless copy of a classic

Back in the day, when laws were different and games companies didn't have huge legal departments to take care of things like copyright infringements, copies of successful games were an inevitable part of the industry. As soon as an idea or style became popular, you could be sure that others would be ripping it off and the market became flooded by cheap clones. As you might guess from the title, PC Man is one of these clones, a thinly disguised copy of Pac-Man, the original arcade gobble 'em up. As copies go, this is pretty thorough and replicates its inspiration almost exactly, from the design of the main character, to the ghosts, the mazes and of course the gameplay. Sound is restricted to something approaching a tune, but lacks effects while nothing new is really added to the game, making this a rather pointless exercise in replication. If you are an avid Pac-Man or maze game fan, then you might want to play this simply for the sake of being a completist, but the original or its sequels, like Pacmania, or even something like Bombjack or Bubble Bobble, would be better bets for retro heads looking for some old school arcade-style fun.

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