Civilization IV: Colonization

Strategy 2008 Windows 2K Games Historical Empire management Turn based War

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The classic returns

The Civilization series will always a special place in the hearts of strategy fans, and stands alongside the Age of Empires franchise as one of the best examples of the thinking man's game. Colonization is actually a bit of an oddity as not only is an add-on for the fourth installment, it also stands as a remake of the original game. It's as enjoyable as ever though and whether you're a newcomer or an old hand, there's much to enjoy here. The idea of the game is that, as viceroy of one of four nations in the year 1500, you're trying to achieve independence and make it to 1800 without suffering too much from the Indendepence War. Depending on which nation you choose, you get different bonuses which can help you out, but your chief goal to start with is simply to build up your first settlement. From there, you can gather resources, develop your town, start trading and all the other sorts of things which will take you towards to goal, including playing at politics and of course, engaging in war with your enemies. Colonization really is a cracking update of the classic original, and a bona fide piece of entertainment in its own right. There are subtle changes to the mechanics, but everything feels authentic and in keeping with the flavor of the original, while the improvements to things like the visuals are noticeable and much appreciated. The gameplay remains as compelling a ever, with a wealth of options available for the armchair strategist, so if you're a fan of the genre and don't have this, then rectify this sad fact immediately.

Remake of a great classic

Sid Meier never seems to disappoint. Going back, the original 1994 Colonization was already chock-full of unique and innovative design elements. A decade and a half later, we get the same addictive gameplay with updated graphics, a superb point and click interface and a whole medley of great add-ons/tweaks. If you love turn-based strategy or are even slightly interested in the colonial era of history, definitely give this a go. You choose from one of the four major European powers at the end of the 15th century. Build colonies. Grow population and industry. Meet natives. Then finally defeat the oppressive rule of the crown and gain independence. Overall, there are very few flaws. And the slew of positives outweigh them anyway. A really great strategy title.

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