Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion

Adventure 1999 Windows Atari Crime investigation Puzzle based

Fatally dodgy

The classic board game that is Clue (or Cluedo for Brit readers) has seen a number of computer-based interpretations over the years including Murder at Boddy Mansion. While this one is a reasonable take on the murder mystery experience, it is still far from a must play and is only really worthy of consideration by hardcore board game fans. The scene this time around is a posh party taking place on a river boat, and which is being organised by a very eccentric individual. However, when this host is murdered (and in front of all the guests no less), it falls to you to do some sleuthing in order to get to the bottom of this heinous crime and find out who is responsible. The game plays out like a movie-style investigation, as you question the various suspects, including the classic characters of Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlett alongside some new faces. There are also some added puzzles to solve, and you can call on the cast with their array of skills, to help out, but ultimately you're trying to figure out that age old question: whodunnit? In theory, this could have been a fun experience but in practice, it's largely a mess. The presentation is pretty shoddy, with a poor script and dodgy voice acting. The story too is less than interesting, but perhaps the worst thing is the puzzles themselves. These are far from being compelling and prove to be extremely unsatisfying on the whole, while the ending of the game also suffers from the same issue. The graphics are decent but this isn't enough to save this from being a cheap offering of interest only to diehard fans.

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