Clue - Master Detective

Strategy 1989 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Board games

A very addictive board game

It is a typical strategy and detective game which plays like a board game and has a lot of interesting elements in terms of the variety of the gameplay. The plot is that a doctor has been killed by someone and you have 4 suspects to decide who among them has killed him. There are about 9 rooms in the game and you will move from one room to another to conduct queries and find clues. The game also renders snoop areas where you can refer to the cards of other players in the game. Once you move to a room, you will just make the suggestion about who you think has killed the doctor and the weapon that you think has caused it. The other players coming to your room will then answer to your call whether he has the card that mentions the room, the character or the weapon that you have marked in your suggestion. You will get to know more and more of how to deal with as you play along. I do not know why but the interest element in the game is very high and you won't let go of it unless you solve the case. The UI in the game is very good to support the gameplay and the graphics are also fine. Board games like Shogi Master and this one has really given this genre a new height.

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