The Clue!

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox neo Software Produktions Mystery Crime investigation Puzzle based

Burglars for hire

Crime is bad. Burglary is a crime. Therefore, burglary is bad. But Austrians were funny enough and make a game about burglars. In this 1994 adventure game (such as Mystery case) , you play Matt, who is a very good burglar. You have to find accomplices, items and plan various burglaries, down to the smallest detail. You are in 1950s London and you browse around town looking for people to help you get needed items, scout possible target buildings and to be your sidekick, if the situation demands it. Every small detail of the theft is important, money, the escape plan, tools and other equipment. That said, the game is composed of three stages. First, the thinking part, where you acquire said items and people. The second, the planning stage, is when you chose the escape car, the accomplice and location. And lastly commes the completion of the task. In that point, you get to control the character with keys on the keyboard and work out the details. The game plot alone is enough to get interested in the game. The whole planning and acquiring part is getting you more into the game to the point where you get an adrenaline rush when you actually go and do the burglary. The visuals are pretty good for that time and the sound includes a Pink Panther like jazzy song that spices up the mood. Id say that this is a very interesting adventure game and that everyone should try it out, because its great fun. Night Robber

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